April 2019


This week’s article tells us that “Annuities are one of the most efficient ways to generate guaranteed income. This is demonstrated through a series of three case studies which looked at combination strategies using both annuities and investments compared to traditional investments-only portfolios. The simulations found: Adding an income annuity to a retirement portfolio allows […]



Commentary: I read an interesting study the other day that I thought to share with you. The study discussed something that we may incorrectly assume will happen as we continue to plan for our retirement, and that relates to keeping in mind that if you plan to continue to working through a certain age and

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“Every retirement is different, each with its own financial plan and unique needs, but many of today’s retirement goals include achieving asset protection, growth opportunities, and a reliable income source. Fixed index annuities are a long-term retirement product that have helped many Americans plan for income in retirement and balance their retirement portfolios with benefits

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