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Options For Planning Your Retirement?

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Looking to learn more about your retirement options? Our educational seminars provide retirees and pre-retirees with education on tax rules, market conditions, protecting your retirement from potential losses, and much more. Additionally, we’ll discuss strategies for producing a reasonable rate of return** over time, while protecting your money from a market downturn.


What’s The Cost To Attend?

Turney Financial Group, LLC believes a prepared retiree is an empowered retiree. That’s why we provide education to pre-retirees and retirees in the Tennessee area. Because of that position, we offer these events at no cost to you. Just come, enjoy, and discover. Why not spend some time learning all your options in a relaxed but informative way.


An Informed Retiree Is An Empowered Retiree

The decisions you make concerning your retirement are significant to your future. That’s why being educated on how to prepare for your retirement is important. We think an educated retiree is a prepared retiree. Why not invest time to become more knowledgeable about all your retirement options?

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Have questions about your current retirement accounts?

Looking to learn more about protecting your money?  Want a second opinion on your accounts? Turney Financial Group, LLC is here to help. Let’s discuss securing your retirement and helping you feel comfortable and confident about your long-term strategy for retirement. 

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