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Safe Options For Retirement

Are safe options for retirement possible for you? Every client we work with has their own comfort level when it comes to risks. Because everyone’s situation is at least slightly different, you might feel differently about risk than others. Those with large amounts of savings may not consider safe options for retirement important, but if you like the idea of keeping your money safe, there could be less risky options available to you.

Here at Turney Financial Group, LLC, we have 3 key values that we hold when working with our clients:



Keep your principal safe


Rate of Return

A reasonable rate of return** should be expected over time



Keep things simple and easy to understand

Protection Options

and Safe Options For Retirement

There are, believe it or not, ways to keep your principal safe. There are some products that provide protection of principal even when the market drops. Now, of course, keeping a larger portion of your money safe becomes more important as you get older. With fewer years available to recover from potential market loss, retirees often change their plans as they get older. But thankfully, retirees now have several ways to keep their money protected from market loss. This includes certain fixed indexed annuities (or FIAs) and life insurance products.

At Turney Financial Group, LLC, we offer insurance products as well as wealth management services. We believe that protecting your money is an important part of retirement. An FIA or a fixed annuity provides a promise of not losing your money. The insurance companies that offer these products will provide protection for your principal. In return, you agree to the terms of your annuity contract, such as allowing your money to grow over a period of time. An FIA may be a safe strategy for retirement for some people since it allows you principal protection.

Your Retirement Future

Some clients are in a position to invest some of their money into the stock market. Their savings level and risk tolerance, among other factors, may allow them to be able to place money at risk. The market comes with ups and downs, of course, These changes in value are not something that many retirees want to take part in. Many have seen losses in their retirement accounts over the years during market drops. You may ask, is the uncertainty worth a potential upside? Many people feel it isn’t. Let’s discuss places where you can keep your money safe from stock market loss.

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Why People Choose Annuities

Principal Protection

Two types of annuities (FIAs and Fixed Annuities) offer you principal protection. Both of these products are essentially contracts between you and the insurance company. The insurance company agrees to provide protection of your money in the terms of this agreement. Just like the FDIC insures savings accounts in banks, insurance companies protect money in an annuity. However, with regular bank savings, the FDIC only insures up to 25,000. Annuities, by contrast, may allow you to deposit much higher amounts. Depending on your situation, of course.

Rate of Return

Another reason to consider annuities over savings is rate of return. Most bank accounts yield a less than desirable return. On top of that, any interest you earn is taxable each year. But with a fixed annuity or FIA, your money can grow, tax-deferred. You do pay taxes when you take the money out, but before that time, your money can accumulate without a tax event. In addition, some people take a regular monthly income from their annuity. Be sure to connect with us. We can talk about which options may be right for you.

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At Turney Financial Group, LLC, our goal is to give you all the information you need to make a sound decision.

We can work with you to develop the right plan, and to walk you through all the possible options. Register for one of our seminars or connect with us via email or phone to learn more.

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