Stay Active During Retirement

Retirement is a new beginning. As a new retiree, you enter a new stage of your life, where your time is now regulated by you and you alone, rather than revolving around your work. 

Unfortunately, many new retirees find this isn’t what they’d expected it to be. Many people begin to feel bored, and worry about how they’ll spend their time. For some, their health begins to falter and they may even spiral into anxiety and depression. 

One way to counteract this decline? Stay as healthy as possible in retirement. And living a healthier (and happier) life starts with being more active. You can do this in small ways, like taking regular walks, taking up gardening and/or yard work, or participating in exercise classes like yoga.

New retirees can also take steps to keep their minds healthy. Read, write work on puzzles, play games, et cetera. Keeping your mind active can improve your mental health, which is crucial to enjoying your retirement.

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